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Our programs

High-level mentoring with award winning writers 

Researching and Writing
The Original

The Original Program has been developed with new and emerging writers in mind, and is perfect to help authors refine their writing style.

The Original offers a six month course, including one-to-one coaching with established, award winning authors, and ongoing support.

Books on the Desk
The Intensive

The Intensive Program has been carefully developed for experienced writers, who have already written some or all of a draft, or who have published previously. Using our one-to-one coaching methods, the intensive will help you progress your work through various stages of development .

The Custom

The Custom Program is a highly selective program for writers at any stage of their career, who are looking for a uniquely personalised coaching experience. Our mentors will dedicate as much time as required to you and your work, guiding you in developing and perfecting your writing. 

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