The Original

When Kathryn Heyman first founded the Australian Writers Mentoring Program, she wanted to develop a course which could be personalised to fit writers at any stage of their work - and so the original was born.

This course provides writers with five private monthly meetings, over a period of six months. Each meeting will be led in partnership by you and your mentor, guided by what your work requires. Sessions include in depth discussions of your work as it stands, as well as suggestions and exercises which will help you develop further in your writing. 

The cost for the program is $3,700 + GST, payable on acceptance.

"Kathryn is a wonderfully nurturing mentor; her frankness and genuine love of writing really gave me the drive I needed to finish the manuscript and believe in myself as a writer."

Emma Harcourt, author of The Shanghai Wife (2018), mentored by Kathryn Heyman