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"I had long harboured professional writing ambitions, even completing a MA in Writing in my 20s, but all efforts at completing a full manuscript hit various walls as life, career and everything in between got in the way.


"I had previously looked into the Australian Writers Mentoring Program, with the arrival of the pandemic proving the impetus to re-investigate and take the plunge. I was delighted when Malcolm Knox agreed to my request to work with him, but I never imagined it would blossom into what it has.


"Malcolm was a brilliant mentor and invested far more time and energy in my work than I anticipated, both the structural nuts and bolts and the broader themes and vision for what evolved into my first full manuscript. In addition, his wealth of industry knowledge helped demystify the path to publication and turn a pipedream into a tangible goal.


"I haven't encountered a mentor more generous with their time, energy and encouragement than Malcolm, with the ongoing relationship turning what is a typically lonely pursuit into a collaborative joy. There can be nothing more affirming than a writer of his skill, experience and standing showing such persistent and genuine belief in your work.


"I can say with absolute certainty that linking with Malcolm was, and remains, the most significant personal and financial investment I've made in my journey as a writer. It has been truly transformative to the point my first novel A Town Called Treachery will be published by Harper Collins in August 2024. 


"It is no exaggeration to say it simply would not have happened without Malcolm and the AWMP."

Mitch Jennings was mentored by Malcolm Knox. His debut novel will be published in August 2024 by Harper Collins.

"I came to Kathryn Hayman at the AWMP with a completed manuscript of my novel, The Girl From Moscow. This was after ten years and many rewrites. I felt I was done. Yet, finding an agent or a publisher proved daunting.  I started looking for a mentor, someone who will read the whole thing; point me in the right direction and suggest what to do next. After 10 individual monthly sessions with Kathryn, I was able to see and fix some of the structural issues, tighten and shorten my manuscript, while “killing some of my darlings”, and even change the name of one of the main characters. Friendly, good humoured, yet always to the point, the time with Kathryn was invaluable. Kathryn advised me on the synopsis and the agents to approach. Shortly thereafter it was shortlisted for Australian Society of Authors/HQ Commercial Fiction Prize for unpublished manuscripts and was accepted by a wonderful agent and a publisher."

Julia Levitina was mentored by Kathryn Heyman. The Girl From Moscow is being released in March 2024 by Pantera Press.

"​Someone once said that starting a novel was like diving into the ocean. I believe the image is apt. I've often felt that the objective in novel-writing is to find a pathway through that ocean and to map that pathway with place markers so others can follow it to a final resting place. For me that ocean is imagination and the pathway is story and a reader who follows your place markers often creates their own pathway - their own story - to get to their own final resting place, which is their own meaning. What Kathryn Heyman at AWMP gave me was the opportunity for fellowship, support and guidance as I mapped my pathway and set my place markers in that overwhelming underwater state.  Our sessions gave me oxygen so I could dive as deep as possible. They gave me the structure, discipline and pace I needed to build resilience and stay focussed. The process of novel-writing can feel lonely and arduous - I am so grateful to have had a fellow traveller who guided, inspired, pushed and humoured me. And with gratitude, I now take the lessons she gave me in plot, pace, setting and character into my next project and beyond."

Lyn McFarlane was mentored by Kathryn Heyman. Her first book, The Scarlet Cross, was published in March 2022 by Pantera Press. 

"Working with Kate at the AWMP was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. I came into the mentorship with some specific problems I needed to address and over the months of my mentorship, Kate and I would meet online to discuss the issues I had with structure, tension, and character. Kate’s honest, practical and supportive mentoring style provided me with clear direction as well as the tangible actions I needed to revise and improve my manuscript. It cannot be overstated how valuable it was to receive personalised advice and direction from an author as experienced as Kate. The knowledge I gained during my mentorship not only improved my novel, but it made me a better writer. I am so grateful for Kate’s wisdom and expertise during my mentorship with AWMP. In fact, Kate was one of the first people I contacted to share the news that my novel is going to be published with Penguin Random House!"

Amanda Willimott was mentored by Kate Forsyth. Her debut book will be published by Pengin Random House in 2024.

"Kathryn was my mentor as I completed the manuscript for my debut novel, The Trivia Night. During our relaxed monthly meetings, she advised me on everything from language and tense to storyline and characterisation, offering honest feedback every step of the way. When our sessions were done, and the manuscript 'humming' (to use Kathryn's words), I sent it off to an agent in London who had previously requested the completed novel when I was ready. Fast forward a few weeks and that same agent had secured me a two-book deal. Kathryn's help was invaluable in the lead-up to sending my book in to the world. I gained so much from those hour-long sessions and would recommend the same route for anyone looking to hone their novel before sending it to an agent or publisher. "

Ali Lowe was mentored by Kathryn Heyman in 2019. Her first book, The Trivia Night, was  published by Hachette in February 2022.

“When I was half way through my first novel, The Dictionary of Lost Words, I decided I needed some perspective and some guidance if I was going to write it to the end. Toni Jordan was the ideal mentor. She understood what I was trying to achieve with my book, identified the strengths of my writing and encouraged me whenever I wavered. But the thing I found most useful was her ability to identify habits of expression or construction that weren’t helping the story. She wasn’t afraid to give frank and fearless advice, and that was exactly what I wanted. As well as being a wonderful writing mentor and teacher, Toni has a wealth of experience within the world of books and publishing. I will be forever grateful for her skill as a teacher and the generosity with which she shares what she knows.”
Pip Williams, mentored by Toni Jordan.

“Being mentored by Stephanie Dowrick was a highlight of my life and writing career. Having always been a huge fan of hers, I was overwhelmed by her positive and sage advice over our five face to face sessions. She assisted me to put meaning and texture into my memoir and to draw out the political and personal aspects. Always forthright, I found her support enabled me to complete a full draft. My memoir has had already positive feedback from a publisher.
As importantly, Stephanie provided me with tools to improve my overall writing skills and this was of great assistance in finalising the edits on my published novel The Changing Room.”
Christine Sykes, mentored by Stephanie Dowrick.

“Nick Earls mentored and supported me in two critical ways: technical advice with the manuscript, and business advice regarding relationships with agents and publishers. In terms of the former, Nick read the manuscript carefully and provided expert insight into how its overall structure could be improved, along with line-by-line analysis of particular chapters. He identified areas to develop, suggested ways to bring the characters more effectively to life, pointed out slack writing to cut and bad habits to kick. He was prompt to respond to my queries, and his sensitive critique helped to make the work stronger and funnier. I found our regular discussions over Skype to be stimulating, valuable and very enjoyable. When it came to dealing with agents and publishers, Nick was generous with his time and practical advice regarding contracts and industry relationships. Furthermore, and importantly, his support of the novel and encouragement of its author kept me going through the disappointments that are inevitable in this business, so I was delighted to share the good news with him when a publisher said yes. I would strongly recommend Nick as a mentor to serious writers who are seeking guidance from an expert on how to make their novel the best that it can be, and how to negotiate the opaque world of publishing. This was exactly what I was looking for, and Nick Earls delivered.”
Nick Gadd, mentored by Nick Earls

“James Bradley is a wonderful mentor and comes highly recommended.
James always gave a gentle steer in the right direction without making me feel inadequate as a novice writer. Our five Skype sessions were enjoyable and this format worked very well. James gave me the confidence to trust my instincts in my writing and his belief in my work gave me the push I needed to keep going and finish my first novel. I’d like to think that his literary flair rubbed off (at least to a small extent) on my plodding prose, but if not then it was no failure on his part! James was instrumental in helping me find an agent, which then led to the book finding a home with HarperCollins Publishers Australia. I’m very grateful to James and so pleased that I did the mentoring program.”
Cait Duggan, mentored by James Bradley.

“Kathryn is an incredibly inspiring author mentor whose sage creative counsel and rigorous mentoring enabled me secure a UK literary agent, which led to a two-book publishing deal.
When I started the process with Kathryn, I had a completed draft of a novel which needed work but I wasn’t sure the best way to tackle it. Kathryn’s keen eye, editorial knowledge and writing expertise helped steer me in the direction I needed to take, refocus my character’s journey and get to the nib of the story I wanted to tell. Her brilliance is in her guidance and questioning to elicit more from every aspect of one’s writing.
Kathryn’s effervescence and enthusiasm not only made each meeting a joy to attend but greatly helped keep me energised and excited to, not only keep writing, but to improve.”
Jane Riley, mentored by Kathryn Heyman, 2018. After an international auction Jane secured a two-book deal on the basis of her novel The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock, which will be published in 2020.

“Kathryn is a truly inspiring teacher. She did not give up on my struggles to find the right shape for my story, drumming into me ‘structure and narrative arc’ until one day the penny dropped and I finally understood what I needed to do! Interwoven throughout my writing journey, Kathryn introduced me to ideas from other books, movies and poets, and consistently encouraged me to look at different angles and ways of thinking as I pulled the pieces together. Mine was a long journey but Kathryn’s wonderful support undoubtedly helped me finally receive my two book deal with Allen & Unwin – and I’m hugely grateful!”
Tanya Heaslip, mentored by Kathryn Heyman, 2018.

“Kathryn’s a highly skilled, brilliant and dynamic mentor. The author of 6 wonderful novels, she was able to communicate from a deep understanding of the writing process and guided me as to what was important, what worked, what didn’t.
Over a 5 month period, her astute feedback and comments, helped me to move my clutch of chapters into a unified whole, a fully fleshed out first draft from which to move forward. At every meeting, Kathryn, with razor-sharp insight would always find and pinpoint the trouble spots in the plot or structure; push me to go deeper to find solutions, before providing invaluable suggestions as to how to go about doing so. We had many discussions about the characters; how to make their lives richer on the page, how to merge two into one when needed; how to add flavour and depth to their dialogue. I would record our sessions so after, I could go back and forth picking up on the clues I missed during the intensity of our meetings. And the requirement of delivering 10,000 words each month, bestowed not only deadlines but stimulated a disciplined approach to my writing, which in turn motivated me to continue writing, even on those days when I would have rather not.
This was definitely high-level mentoring at its best and one that I will always treasure.”
Sienna Brown, mentored by Kathryn Heyman, 2018.

“When I signed up for a mentorship programme with Jaclyn Moriarty, my ‘novel’ consisted of lots of ideas, many notes, and endlessly changing scenes I planned to ‘sort out one day’ – but no manuscript. Within two weeks of commencing the mentorship, I had started writing chapters that gave the story substance, and I saw the real possibility of it all coming together.
Over the following months, with Jaclyn’s guidance and her superb talent for great writing, I had gained insight into my writing style, the self-confidence to experiment, and a solid writing momentum. Writing for someone makes you consider audiences and how they will receive your ideas and your writing. But writing for a gifted and experienced writer like Jaclyn makes you want to achieve your best.
I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being mentored by Jacklyn, and would recommend it to anyone who is seeking feedback which is honest, rigorous and encouraging."
Rose Leontini, mentored by Jaclyn Moriarty, 2018

“Kathryn spent many months advising me chapter by chapter on the early drafts of my manuscript. Her experienced feedback on the structure and characters and insightful suggestions helped me enormously. The process of mentoring provided an environment of commitment and delivery for further developing the book. Each time Kathryn and I spoke or met was enriching and so much fun. It made me produce the work to meet Kathryn’s deadlines, and our regular sessions gave me the faith and determination to tackle my own doubting demons. What’s more, her support has been ongoing, and continued far beyond the initial commitment. Kathryn is a wonderfully nurturing mentor; her frankness and genuine love of writing really gave me the drive I needed to finish the manuscript and believe in myself as a writer.”
Emma Harcourt, mentored by Kathryn Heyman, 2017. Emma’s debut novel, The Shanghai Wife published by Harlequin in 2018 as part of a 2 book deal

“I am so so grateful to Toni for her mentoring, and I found the program rewarding and enlightening. She has definitely lifted the quality of my work in ways I never could have done alone. For that, it’s been worth every cent. Her feedback was always constructive and she gave such practical advice on where to take scenes, characters and dialogue. Toni thoroughly prepared for every session and this allowed her to efficiently tell me what worked and what didn’t, and why. And she went above and beyond. What a privilege the whole thing was.”
Greg Moriarty, mentored by Toni Jordan, 2017

“I undertook Mark’s course ‘Writing the Real’ at the Centre for Continuing Education at the University of Sydney. The lectures were inspiring, and I was fortunate enough to have him agree to mentor me. It is a privilege to work with Mark: he takes me to places I simply couldn’t arrive at on my own. It might, for example, be altering a word/s or punctuation; restructuring a sentence, or a paragraph, or a chapter; advising me about what to cut and what to add; suggesting when to say things more lyrically and when to state them more plainly; or helping me to plot out the manuscript. Also, usefully, he has a very broad general knowledge. 
Any criticism is pretty much painless because it is both constructive and delivered kindly, and always leads somewhere better. Essentially Mark combines a fine mind with a generous heart, and he is both analytical and emotionally resonant. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather be mentored by.”
Jane Lennon, mentored by Mark Tredinnick, 2017

“I’m thinking about this kind of transformation that’s taking place in me. Well, in my writing. I’ve been working on a new poem, trying forms on it like opshop clothes, hoping something will fit. It’s been a joy – this constant play – chaperoning the dance taking place between content and its form. Some things you’ve said – some you’ve shown me – are really sinking in. Each time I’ve shifted to a new form, that form makes demands on the text – precisely as you’ve said – and the text is better for it. To watch that take place in my own poems is a marvel.
I’m hearing the beats more, too. A friend asked me if I’d write an occasional piece for her, for an Australia day event next year. I told her all the reasons why I’d find that difficult. So I sat at the desk that night and drafted a poem. It was rough, but there was something in it. I finished it the next morning. And its a sonnet – blank verse, bar the rhyming couplet. Where the hell did that come from, I wondered. But not for long. All this to say thank you, and that this mentorship with you is an experience rich beyond what I might have imagined!”
Kevin Smith, mentored by Mark Tredinnick, 2017

“Kathryn Heyman is a revelatory teacher. I love her directness, her honesty, her clarity and her humour. There is always laughter, sometimes an epiphany – literally I feel like I’ve heard the slud and slide of pieces/words/stories falling into place. She is brilliant, and each time I have gone away with the confidence to know what to do.”
Miranda Landgraaf, A Book of Untruths (Faber & Faber June 2017) mentored by Kathryn Heyman

“Kathryn’s experience in pinpointing issues for further work and suggesting new ways of looking at characters and plot points was incredibly helpful in my final drafting process. Reviewing and reworking scenes that we discussed added extra layers of richness and depth to the manuscript and her line edits helped me to present a much more professional manuscript to the publishers. Thank you again, Kathryn, for your wonderful insights and encouragement.”
Lisa Bigelow, We That Are Left (Allen and Unwin, 2017) mentored by Kathryn Keyman

“Being mentored by Toni Jordan played an invaluable role in me receiving a publishing contract for my writing. Toni was able to see the gaps in my work – in the voice, the pacing and the beauty of the sentences – that were letting it down. Her enthusiastic encouragement gave me renewed confidence in my ability to grapple with a major revision and her practical advice was instrumental in ensuring I was able to deliver the best possible manuscript to the publisher. I can’t thank her enough for her generosity, her constructive feedback and her thoughtful advice.”
Susi Fox, Mine (Penguin Random House, Jun 2018) mentored by Toni Jordan

"Expressing gratitude seems a rather pale sentiment in comparison to what I would like to do for the mentoring provided by Kathryn Heyman of the Australian Writers Mentoring Program.  I came to her with a mess of ill-fitting words and wild ideas, and she worked with me, on a monthly basis, to help me produce Dustfall. Not only was the process incredibly valuable to me as an emerging writer, it was also a whole lot of fun. It felt like psychotherapy for my characters and bootcamp for my structure.  I could not recommend the process more highly, particularly for the writing of a first novel. I know I have Kathryn to thank for getting me ‘on the road’.
Michelle Johnston, Dustfall, mentored by Kathryn Heyman 2016, winner Hachette/QWC Manuscript Development Award, published by UWA Publishing (Feb 2018)

“Anyone working with Toni Jordan, who is prepared to listen and work hard, is giving themselves the best chance to get published. Toni immersed herself in my novel and was clear in her guidance on character, plot and structure. Her approach was structured, professional and always responsive. Most of all, Toni inspired and encouraged me. I’ve since secured a 2-book deal with Penguin Random House.”
Glenna Thomson, Blueberry (Penguin Random House) mentored by Toni Jordan

“I signed up for the Australian Writers Mentoring Program to force me to become disciplined with my writing, specifically finishing my first novel. Kathryn’s guidance was very valuable: pointing out character flaws, plot holes, and pace issues. Her experience with novel writing has provided me an infinite number of tools to help my book become polished and hopefully publishable. Kathryn was always warm and enthusiastic throughout our sessions. Whilst she provided honest and constructive feedback, she was always conscious that us writers can be very attached to our book ‘babies’, so she treaded firmly but considerately when she provided suggestions for improvement. After six months, I have a complete first draft written and now have the tools to edit and hopefully achieve publication!”
Kylie Orr, author of 4 children’s books published by Lake Press, mentored by Kathryn Heyman

“Ross Grayson Bell has been my screenwriting mentor for the past several months as part of the Writers Mentor Program. During that time Ross has given me the benefit of his professional knowledge and expertise. He has a long and respected history in the industry from which to draw, having worked successfully in the US, England as well as in Australia. While his level of first-hand experience is impressive, Ross has also directed me to other experts-and I have enjoyed and benefitted from reading and discussing their ideas with him.
Ross has encouraged a wider knowledge of the film-making process through discussion of films, directorial and production styles. I didn’t expect that and I’ve found it both enjoyable and very useful.
Ross provides a positive role model, involved and active in the industry. His enthusiasm is palpable and creates an environment in which creativity can flourish. At the end of every session I saw possibilities for and progress on my project.
His feedback on my original draft was constructive: his comments and questions honest and insightful. He has a capacity to ask challenging questions. Yes, the sessions have been intense, but never overwhelming. I believe this is because Ross is generous and respectful in the attention he gives the work. He also listens intently and can ‘read’ his mentee. I am currently writing my third draft – one with a much greater chance of ‘success’ – whether that success be measured in personal satisfaction or critical acclaim. Without Ross, I’m sure that first draft would have been the end of the process!”
Maggie Connors mentored by Ross Grayson Bell

“I have been lucky enough to work with both Kathryn Heyman and James Bradley and can’t recommend them highly enough as mentors. I went to Kathryn with the beginnings of a first draft novel, ‘Thirty-Seven Letter’, but without the confidence or a plan to complete it. With expertise, humour and insightfulness, Kathryn shepherded me through my first draft, honing in on my strengths and weaknesses and forcing me ask the difficult questions about my work. She told me that writing was a layered art and: “to capture complexity, narrative has to somehow generate several dimensions of sub-text”, then she helped me see how and where in the draft I could achieve this. I thoroughly looked forward to our meetings when she would always be enthusiastic and encouraging, even if it was one of those days when she would have to give me a sandwich—explaining what was working well before revealing what wasn’t and then finishing on a high! I am extremely grateful to Kathryn for being such a warm and generous mentor and for starting me on my novel writing journey.”
“I was also fortunate enough to be tutored by James Bradley on my second manuscript, ‘Maggie’s Kitchen’, and although I felt better equipped with a few more tools and more confidence, James showed me how to value writing as a craft and how to practice it. With a truly impressive breadth and depth of knowledge, he even managed to get me enthused about a genre that I wasn’t even a fan of! Through his generous and sensitive teaching approach, I discovered how you learn as much from reading as you do from writing, and that to be a better writer you need to be a better reader. It helped me to become a forensic reader and writer, and by encouraging me to trust my instincts, James also helped me to find my voice.”
Caroline Beecham, Maggie’s Kitchen, mentored by both Kathryn Heyman and James Bradley

“Ross was my screenwriting teacher at the Australian Film, Television & Radio School (AFTRS) in 2009, where he taught me key screenwriting fundamentals I still use to this day. His lessons in structure, both within a scene and over the course of the screenplay as a whole, were particularly useful and have guided my subsequent professional writing on such shows as Packed to the Rafters and Home And Away. I would heartily recommend for anyone to take Ross’ advice on writing – it has certainly helped me for many years now.”
David Lawrence,  mentored by Ross Grayson Bell
On graduating, David was awarded the inaugural Channel Seven/AFTRS Drama Internship and within 6 months was writing for their flagship drama, the award-winning Packed To The Rafters.

“I came to Kathryn Heyman with a complete but flawed draft of a narrative nonfiction book. Any qualms I had about handing my nonfiction over to a fiction writer were quickly dispelled. Kathryn’s incredible understanding of characters and what drives them and her insightful analysis of structure were just two of the many ways she guided me towards a final draft. Our discussions helped me in my presentation to NewSouth Publishing, who signed me up. They will be releasing ‘A Tear in the Soul’ in October this year. Without Kathryn’s help, I doubt any of this would have happened. She was completely professional in her approach, has a great sense of humour, and was a joy to work with. To my mind, in writing, the learning process never stops. I’m eager to sign up with Kathryn next time round to tap into more of her extensive understanding of our craft.”
Amanda Webster, A Tear in the Soul, mentored by Kathryn Heyman

“James is a smart, insightful and compassionate coach whose breadth of knowledge about fiction—in all its forms—is hard to beat.”
Deborah Biancotti, co-author of Zeroes, taught by James Bradley.

“A nonfiction writer, I’d already published a book and was well into a second manuscript… But I was struggling with how to bring real people to life on the page. Kathryn showed me a whole new way of looking at my interview subjects, and gave me great advice on overall structure. She’s a brilliant teacher–original, enthusiastic, and generous–and now I have a final draft in my sights.”
Amanda Webster, author of The Boy Who Loved Apples, mentored by Kathryn Heyman

“Kathryn coupled an unfailingly positive encouragement with a keen, constructively critical eye.. she is passionate about the work of those she guides. She is a fantastic teacher, a methodical organiser – I cannot think of anyone more qualified as a mentor. I would not have published my short story collection, nor won my BAFTA, without her influence. I owe her big time.”
Raymond Soltysek, BAFTA winner and author of Occasional Demons, mentored by Kathryn Heyman

“Mark sets the highest literary standard, for his students as well as for himself, and he makes it seem attainable. His professionalism is expressed in rigour and discipline and, combined with his compassion and generosity of spirit, supports his students at whatever stage, from experienced writers to raw beginners, of which I was surely one. In mentoring, Mark brings these same qualities to a more personal learning environment. He suggests, offers alternatives, values, listens, critiques, with clarity and firmness. Mark’s reassuring guidance in my tentative transition from prose to poetry encouraged me, giving me the confidence to stretch beyond my reach, and succeed.”
Anne Rimer, mentored by Mark Tredinnick

“James is an amazingly eclectic and insightful reader. He understands story in all its forms and is unafraid to draw observations about popular culture, emerging media and marginal genres into the most academic analysis of the writing craft. I believe his lack of pretension and genuine openness to the role of fiction and its capabilities puts James at the forefront of writing teachers and mentors working today. He not only offered me the technical guidance on structure and narrative arc my novel needed, his encouragement undoubtedly gave me permission to write the book I wanted to write.”
Jo Riccioni, The Italians at Cleat St Corner Store (Scribe Publications, Australia and UK), mentored by James Bradley

"I owe success in a new writing genre entirely to a mentorship with Kathryn Heyman.  Kathryn taught me to be tough, disciplined, brave and rigorous, to hone to an end point and be strict with material. Each month, Kathryn digested and critiqued 10,000 newly-written words, always locking on to what had gone before. Her suggestions and ideas were invaluable in drilling deeply into the story. She was a demanding partner on the journey, raising questions that begged answers and stopped me ducking for cover.  She was clear, sharp, focused, direct and uncompromising – but generous enough with praise to keep me striving higher and further.Kathryn spoke of the need to slow down, breathe deeply and meditate. She summoned Aristotle and Atwood, made me believe in myself and develop my strengths. She urged me to push through fear to tell the truth, strip away barriers and to show feelings. Kathryn taught me to turn episodes into scenes with objectives, reactions, conflict, dilemmas, resolution and reflection. I owe it to her brilliant guidance that “Through The Farm Gate” has been picked up by Allen & Unwin and is due for release in December.”
Angela Goode, Columnist and author of Through the Farm Gate (Allen & Unwin), mentored by Kathryn Heyman

“I’ve slogged away at this manuscript on my own for years. It is so much a part of me that I cannot see what it looks like from the outside. And being my first, I had no idea where to go with it. As the manuscript neared completion, I felt lost. So to receive guidance from one who has successfully journeyed through this terrain before me has been invaluable. Mark’s detailed knowledge and experience of writing and editing have provided direction….his recognition of the strengths of the writing and sensitivity to the vulnerability of the authorial ego has made it possible to hear the feedback without feeling criticised or inadequate. And on reflection and rereading the work, much of his feedback made very good sense, hard as it had been to hear. His suggestions for certain structural changes have definitely made for a better book. Not that I have taken up all his suggestions. I have been in control of the process, free to pick and choose what to take on board and what to ignore. And through the process I have learned so much about the discipline of this craft that I would not have discovered without Mark’s input.”
Paul Morgan, mentored by Mark Tredinnick

“I started mentoring with Kathryn with nothing more than a flimsy first draft. Her attention to every word, rhythm, and motivation made me accountable and that, more than any course or book, turned me into a writer. Less than a year later, I had a powerful manuscript, an agent and a three book deal.”
Paula Tierney, author of Jamie Reign, Spirit Warrior (Harper Collins), mentored by Kathryn Heyman

“Her intuition for character and guidance regarding structure helped to give Invisibles a solid foundation … at the same time her enthusiasm and sensitive feedback gave me great confidence in my growing voice.  Kathryn’s encouragement and sharp creative insight were vital to the shaping of my debut novel, and it was a great pleasure and privilege to be under her wing.”
Ed Siegle, Invisibles, Myriad Editions, UK, mentored by Kathryn Heyman

“Kathryn and I made a plan, set deadlines to keep up the impetus and – with wonderful brio and humour – she encouraged e to be brave, to put aside sentence by sentence fiddling until I had tackled the larger structure of my novel. The focus on plot and structure was just what I needed and, with her consistent support and guidance over the months, I grew confident enough to cut away great chunks and rearrange others, and to keep pushing on. At each stage, with clear thinking, infectious energy and enthusiasm, she provided detailed verbal and written constructive criticism, mixed with praise, and she was particularly skilful at prompting me to ask myself questions, about each character and their role in the narrative, about tension and the ordering of scenes. Kathryn is an inspirational and charismatic teacher. With her trademark energy, humour, and a profound understanding of story structure, she encouraged me to ask the hard questions. With her help, within my target year, the novel was out there in the real world, with an agent. It was exactly what I needed.”
Jane Rusbridge, author of The Devil’s Music (Bloomsbury, London), Longlisted for Impac International Award

“I came to Kathryn Heyman with a sprawling first draft and its complex cast. The mentorship helped me clarify critical plot issues, sharpen the writing word-by-word and produce a taut, toned manuscript that gained me a first-class agent and a short-listing for a Varuna fellowship. Kathryn’s acuity in both the technical and aesthetic aspects of writing is a marvellous thing, but her ability to bring such warmth, respect and humour to each session means she can tell you the truth without breaking your heart! And on the long, lonely road of writing, this kind of truth is indispensable.”
Sally Colin-James, on signing with the Naher Agency

“Kathryn Heyman has been a fantastic mentor to me. Her gifts of insight, clarity and focus suffuse all her reading and feedback. Her handle on my strengths and weaknesses is a sure one and she often seems to ferret out my intentions even before I quite know myself what they are. Our conversations are full of warmth and good humour and she just keeps spurring me on. My clearest words of recommendation: if I had the chance to do it all over again, I would do so in a heartbeat.”
Joel Graham, shortlisted for the John Dryden Award for Literary Translation.

“Kathryn Heyman is a superb reader and engaging mentor – experienced, supportive and effective. In short, she is a consummate professional, bringing considerable authority and skill to her subject-matter. “
Suhayl Saadi, author of Psychoraag, longlisted for Impac Award, shortlisted for National Book Prize (Pakistan)

“What I needed was a successful writer who would actually read my manuscript and give me objective feedback, so I was thrilled when Kathryn Heyman took me on. Always enthusiastic and encouraging, she swooped on faults from structure to punctuation and enabled me to write a much better novel. I’m so grateful to be shortlisted for the Impress Prize for New Writers and it’s all Kathryn’s doing!”
Bernadette Williamson, Shortlisted for Impress Prize UK

“I highly recommend Kathryn Heyman as a writing mentor. Her advice in re-structuring my manuscript as well as focusing my story was instrumental to my success in finding an agent and publisher. Kathryn  showed great sensitivity when approaching my memoir and was a pleasure to work with.”
Ondine Sherman, author of Miracle of Love (Murdoch Books)

“Kathryn Heyman is an intelligent, astute, and compassionate teacher. Her hard-won insights about giving depth and balance to characters and plot will galvanise my writing from now on. Her group masterclass sessions were perfectly tailored, egalitarian, witty, probing, and responsive. Her one-on-one session was revelatory. I arrived with questions and left with answers.”
Emma Ashmere, author of The Floating Garden

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