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The Intensive

The Intensive Program is designed for highly committed writers at any stage of their project. The Intensive allows writers to have up to one year’s commitment from their mentor, and the option for more intensive reading and meeting. This is also the program for those who want to work more intensively, over a condensed period.

Please note that not all our mentors offer The Intensive Program

How Does It Work?

You will have eight hours of meetings with your mentor, who will read up to eighty thousand words of your work in progress. How you use that time, is up to you, in consultation with your mentor. You might prefer to have eight one-hour meetings with your mentor reading ten thousand words before each meeting, or perhaps it suits you to have longer meetings over a more condensed period. The beauty of the Intensive is that it focuses intensively on your work, and your process.

The Intensive can run over three months, or up to one year. ​

Applications for The Intensive are via the online form, by attaching a two thousand word excerpt along with a one page outline of the project. The outline should include a statement on what you hope to achieve from the program and a guide to how far along you are with the project.

The fee for The Intensive is $7290 +GST, payable on acceptance.

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