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A monthly writing program that
will transform your creative life

For over two decades, Dr Kathryn Heyman has helped writers around the world harness their own vision. She has coached award-winning writers and those who wanted to coax a precious story into the world, who wanted to revel in the private pleasure of creativity, writers who wanted to simply create.

Whether you’re working on memoir or fiction, in 2023 you are invited to join Kathryn and guests for the monthly Create23 sessions. Over nine sessions Kathryn will offer you her lifetime of tools and strategies, designed to deepen your vision, reawaken your creative joy and develop the skills and techniques you need to tell your story.


From the beginning of March 2023, you’ll receive a monthly video and email with guidelines and reflections and strategies for the month ahead. On the third week of the month, we’ll meet from 7pm - 9pm Sydney time (you can check your local time using the International Meeting Planner) for a two hour online session, exploring craft, technique and writing strategy. 


If you want more accountability and support, you’ll have the opportunity to work with small peer groups throughout the program.

Create23 is for writers of fiction and narrative nonfiction, for both new and experienced writers, wherever you are in the writing process. 

Commitment: Two hours once a month (with the option of additional small group check-ins)

“Kathryn Heyman is a revelatory teacher. I love her directness, her honesty, her clarity and her humour. There is always laughter, sometimes an epiphany – literally I feel like I’ve heard the slud and slide of pieces/words/stories falling into place. She is brilliant, and each time I have gone away with the confidence to know what to do.”

Miranda Doyle, A Book of Untruths (Faber & Faber) 

Create23 will give you:

  • A structured program to guide you from creative spark to completion

  • The opportunity to commit to and complete a creative project, calling on a supportive community throughout the year

  • Exercises on technique and strategy drawing on Kathryn’s  experience as an acclaimed author and writing mentor

  • Access to Kathryn’s guidance and insights developed over two decades in the publishing industry in Australia and the UK

  • Nine two-hour long classes live on Zoom wherever you are in the world, once a month

  • Lessons on the crucial elements of narrative writing including voice, scene building, character, narrative structure

  • A live Q&A session with a top literary agent

  • Techniques on developing your own working practice

  • Access to all class recordings throughout the year, via a private password-protected website

  • Optional opportunity to share and work with your peers 

  • Monthly video and email giving guidelines and reflections for the month ahead

  • Nine carefully structured months of creative companionship and support

  • Guest talks from other esteemed writers and producers from our team

  • A toolkit of techniques and exercises to sustain you in your future writing life

"The structure of Curious Incident owes a great deal to Kathryn Heyman... she was talking about narrative structure... as she spoke, the heavens opened, angels sang..."

Mark Haddon, author of Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time



Mondays 7pm - 9pm Sydney time


March: Ignite

Monday 20: Workshop  (7pm - 9pm Sydney time)

April: Embark

Monday 17: Workshop (7pm- 9pm Sydney time)

May:  Approach

Monday 22: Workshop (7pm - 9pm Sydney time)

June: Fight

Monday 19: Workshop (7pm - 9pm Sydney time)

July: Sift

Monday 17: Workshop (7pm - 9pm Sydney time)

August:  Transform 

Monday 21: Workshop (7pm - 9pm Sydney time)

September: Expand

Monday 18: Workshop (7pm - 9pm Sydney time)

October: Complete

Monday 16: Workshop (7pm - 9pm Sydney time)

November: Arrive

Monday 20: Workshop, agent Q&A & celebration (7pm - 9pm Sydney time)

Cost: $3200 + GST

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