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About the Program

Novelist Kathryn Heyman founded the Australian Writers Mentoring Program in 2010 to offer high-level mentoring to new and emerging writers of fiction and non-fiction. 


A good mentor is critical to creative success, and can help you realise your writing potential - that's why all of our mentors are prize-winning authors, each with major several major works and substantial international critical recognition. Our mentors bring decades of publication and coaching experience. Among our number we include the founder of the Women’s Press, a Stella Prize winner, the winner of the Montreal Poetry Prize, the bestselling creator of a UK ‘Richard and Judy pick’, winners and nominees of major Australian and international awards, as well as the creator of the cult film, Fight Club. Each mentor also has extensive teaching and mentoring experience. 

Mentoring is personal and focused, and works best when there is a good fit between the mentor and mentee, so the Australian Writers Mentoring Program is committed to finding the right mentor for you. 


The Original program runs over six months, providing ongoing guidance and face-to-face meetings to help you create your best work. Before each meeting the mentor will read up to ten thousand words of your work-in-progress, offering guidance on language, structure and character as well as marketing and placing your work.

The Australian Writers Mentoring Program strongly believes in the importance of fostering creative growth at every stage of a writers' career. We also offer intensive and bespoke courses for writers who are ready to take the next step in their creative journey.

Read what Kathryn Heyman, Director of the Australian Writers Mentoring Program, had to say about the importance of mentoring, in an article for Vogue Australia, or find out more about our mentors here. 

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