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Conversations on Creation:
A short series of free online events hosted by the
Australian Writers Mentoring Program

The process of wrestling with a story teaches you how to wrangle your own creativity. It teaches you more than how to write, it teaches you what’s possible.

Throughout 2023, the Australian Writers Mentoring Program will be hosting a series of free online conversations with exciting new writers, focusing on the problems they encountered writing their first books, and how they solved them.


If you’re interested in creativity (or reading!) these short conversations will be inspirational. And there’s a giveaway for one ticket holder at each event.

Conversation on Creation with Andrew Mackie

Date: Wednesday 29th March

Time: 10.30am Sydney time

LC_Andrew crop.jpg

Andrew Mackie is a film distributor and producer. His company Transmission Films released such indie hits as The King’s Speech and Lion. His executive producer credits include Ride Like A Girl, Tracks, Candy, Sweet Country, Six Minutes to Midnight and On Chesil Beach. In 2012 and 2013 The Australian named him one of the twenty-five most influential people in the Australian arts. Andrew has always been fascinated by all things royal and has long felt that the Queen’s tour of Australian in 1954 was ripe with dramatic potential. The Tour (published in the U.S as Journey After The Crown) takes that tour as a starting point for a dramatic story of family loyalties and competition.

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