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Character Transformation Workshop
With Ross Grayson Bell

Unlock the Power of Storytelling: Join screenwriter and filmmaker Ross Grayson Bell in this two-day writing workshop as he delves into the transformative process of characters. Discover how a character's outer journey to achieve a specific goal triggers their inner transformation, leading to a powerful story that connects with audiences.

In this dynamic seminar, you will learn the essential skills and techniques of
storytelling. Through practical exercises and analysis of classic films and literature, you will learn how to create characters that are ready to be transformed, build a belief system that holds them back, and structure your story to enhance the transformative process.

On Day 1, you will focus on structuring the character's inner journey and understand the concept of transformation in storytelling. Learn how to set up a character's false belief system and create conflict by giving them a goal and making them the least likely person to achieve it. Participants will be required to come with a character and test their willingness or resistance to change.

On Day 2, you will delve into the character's outer journey and explore how conflict compels a character to change. Learn how the external journey to attain a specific goal triggers the inner transformation and match your character with the right plot to enhance transformation. You will also analyze how the breaking of a character's belief system leads to transformation.

This workshop is designed for writers, directors, screen content creators, and
storytellers who want to develop their skills in storytelling and connect with their audiences. Don't miss this rare opportunity to learn from a master of the craft and unleash the full potential of your storytelling abilities. Sign up today and be inspired to create stories that transform.

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