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New Moon Rising:
a restorative online writing retreat

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Are you feeling a little lost in your writing life? Are you longing to be re-inspired, and buoyed by a community of writers? Do you have a sense that there is something new in you, something a little out of reach, just waiting to be drawn into the light?

As we approach the southern hemisphere’s winter solstice, with the implicit invitation to turn inwards, we invite you to join Dr Kathryn Heyman and an intimate community of inspiring writers on an immersive online writing retreat that will restore your spirit.

Writing retreats don’t have to take place in fancy hotels or writer’s centres. A retreat is simply an opportunity for you pause your regular commitments for a few precious days and give your attention intensively to writing, wherever you are.

How does an online retreat work?

For four days from June 6th , Kathryn will guide you in a series of focused writing exercises and reflections, allowing you to overcome inertia and reclaim your inspiration.

And in the lead-up to the retreat, Kathryn will offer you practical strategies for preparing, as well as a series of reflections and questions to get you started.

This retreat will meet you where you are. You can take the chance to book four or five days in an AirBnB or a hotel. Or you can simply block off your calendar for the Thursday through to Sunday and let your family and friends know you will be prioritising your creative renewal in this time.

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of  light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

– Carl Jung

We’ll meet online at 10am Sydney/Melbourne time (AEST) each morning for a two hour workshop, full of dynamic tools, reflections and writing exercises created to inspire you and restore your vision.

Kathryn will suggest proven exercises and ideas for your writing time in the afternoon, and then at 4pm we will meet again. In that time, you’ll be able to dig into questions and issues that came up in your writing time.

To allow time for in-depth support, this is an exclusive and intimate retreat, with
space for just 10 – 12 writers.

What does New Moon Rising Include?

  • Four days of deep sustaining reflection, nourishing writing sessions and an intimate creative community to remove your fear of the dark and energise your creative life.

  • A structured program to guide you into an immersive writing retreat

  • Four inspiring morning classes, full of exercises and reflections developed by
    Dr Kathryn Heyman over two decades of writing, publishing, coaching and teaching.

  • Four afternoon check-in sessions, to allow you space to ask for guidance, to  dig deeper into your writing and to connect with your inspiring creative community

  • Exercises on technique and strategy drawing on Kathryn’s experience as an acclaimed author and writing mentor

  • Access to Kathryn’s guidance and insights developed over two decades in the publishing industry in Australia and the UK

  • Twelve hours of guidance and inspiration live on Zoom

  • Techniques on developing your own working practice.

  •  Access to all workshop recordings, on video, to revisit whenever you wish.

  •  A toolkit of techniques and exercises to sustain you in your future writing life.

  •  A special bonus online sound bath experience on the evening of the new moon (June 6th) with Soundbound Healing, to guide you into a state of renewed intuition. You will have access to the recording of this beautiful and inspiring experience, to call upon whenever you need to reconnect with your creative intuition.

“One of the most magical weeks of my life. Although I was in my own house, I felt like I was a million miles away. I was amazed by the difference in my writing – and my feelings about my writing – by the end of the week and amazed by the way I felt part of a community.”

– Susan Harrand, writer and online retreat participant

Cost: $1390 AUD including GST

About Kathryn Heyman

Dr Kathryn Heyman is the award-winning author of six novels and the acclaimed memoir, Fury, now in development as a feature film. She's also written many radio plays for the BBC and for stage in Australia and the UK. Kathryn taught creative writing for the University of Oxford and was the Writing Fellow for the University of Glasgow and Royal Literary Writing Fellow for Westminster College, Oxford. Kathryn is the director of the Australian Writers Mentoring Program and has coached many writers from idea to publication. This is your chance to work with her in an intimate group, to bring your ideas to light.

“Kathryn Heyman is a revelatory teacher. I love her directness, her honesty, her clarity and her humour. There is always laughter, sometimes an epiphany – literally I feel like I’ve heard the slud and slide of pieces/words/stories falling into place. She is brilliant, and each time I have gone away with the confidence to know what to do.”

Miranda Doyle, A Book of Untruths (Faber & Faber)

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